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You’re free to use this template to create your own sites in Webflow however you’d like. The images attributed to Pablo Designs should not be repurposed.

Work Sans

Google fonts typeface used across the whole template

Pablo Designs

The images featured in this kit are by Pablo Designs. They are not available for repurposing in any way.


All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes.
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Author's Explanation:

Wrapper is the ultimate building element to be able to put together all the UI Kit sections together. It's not required way how to combine the parts together but it definitely helps and makes your life easier. The way to use Wrapper element is to drag and drop Div Block into the canvas give it Class "Wrapper" and then use combo class (another class) from the dropdown menu with the exact spacing you would like to see. This makes your life easier and again it won't require any additional visual coding or polishing from your side. Currently there are margins of 0, 20, 50, 80, 100.

[Wrapper] - [M100]
[Wrapper] - [M80]
[Wrapper] - [M50]
[Wrapper] - [M20]
[Wrapper] - [M100-80]
[Wrapper] - [M100-50]
[Wrapper] - [M100-20]
[Wrapper] - [M80-100]
[Wrapper] - [M50-100]
[Wrapper] - [M20-100]
[Wrapper] - [M0-100]
[Wrapper] - [M0-80]
[Wrapper] - [M0-50]
[Wrapper] - [M0-20]
[Wrapper] - [M80-50]
[Wrapper] - [M50-80]
[Wrapper] - [M50-100]